We are here for you.

For daily users of Intra, SCLogic knows that system reliability and peak performance are crucial to your business success. Over the years, we have learned through responding to thousands of customer support calls that immediate access to the technical resources in a systems emergency and regular live assistance to maintain system up time is essential. With the knowledge that you might need our assistance “right now”, SCLogic offers clients the guaranteed availability of our expertise through annual support contracts.

Software & Technical Support

WebEx Online Support

WebEx is an Internet conferencing service used by SCLogic to provide technical support and training to customers. While speaking on the telephone, customers and SCLogic “meet” at an SCLogic WebEx website. Here, users can either view a live demonstration by us or allow SCLogic to take control of the Intra™ application remotely, enabling us to troubleshoot and answer questions using real data.

Depot Express Hot Spare Program

Depot Express Hot Spare Service is a combination of an extended manufacturer’s warranty and a guaranteed loaner program. Traditionally, equipment has only a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. With our program, the warranty lasts “forever” as long as enrollment is kept current and the product is supported by the manufacturer. In addition, SCLogic allocates Hot Spare stock for your use, while your unit is being serviced. We can ship you a certified loaner unit, pre-loaded and ready for use, the next day.

Your original unit will be repaired and returned to you within three weeks. We look for you to return our loaner within one week of receiving your repaired unit. You will always receive your original unit back (as long as it was repairable).


“From installation to service or technical questions, we have had nothing less than spectacular results. SCLogic has saved us time and money and they are awesome to work with.” — Mickey Anglea, Vanderbilt University Postmaster